Change Management

The essence of change is the search for continual and measured improvement. Sometimes managers can view change negatively and are not prepared to embrace the challenge and drive the change process themselves. It is important that managers understand the theory and models of change management whilst exploring how different people react to it, including themselves.

Armed with this knowledge managers can help individuals to, not only, welcome change and ensure any changes are sustained, but also to proactively seek out and stimulate change within their organisation.

Dennis Associates can help organisations by providing the tools and models to aid managers with the underpinning knowledge and theory whilst also looking at the personal impact of change at an individual level. We cover topics such as:

Personal aspects of change.  Lighthouse
Paradigms (Personal Perspectives).
Accelerating change.
Implementing change.
Sustaining change.
Integrating lean tools /change

Based around the best selling book "Who Moved My Cheese" one example of our programmes, the LIGHTHOUSE programme, combines change management theory with the opportunity for individuals to experience first hand, in a safe environment, the personal impact of change. Individuals gain powerful insights into their own behaviours, perceptions and beliefs as well as appreciating how others can react differently to change.

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