Whilst much of what we do at Dennis Associates has been developed for industry, our programmes are equally suitable for the Education sector. There are a number of areas where our programmes can have significant benefit to the Education sector, for both teachers and pupils alike. Below are some examples of our programmes:

Teaching Staff

Business review of processes and ways of working -  With our industry background we can help you to look at ways of improving the running of your school as a business, and utilising our Lean Sigma experience we can help make suggestions to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Specific areas to look at include:

Understanding of Lean tools and techniques Team Building Excercise
Understanding of the 7 types of waste
Use of 5S in the classroom
Process mapping key activities
Creating Problem Statements
Developing Solution Specs

Continuing Professional Development - Our Team Development programmes are ideal for teaching staff and can provide useful insights into different aspects of communication and conflict resolution. Our programmes deal with:

Effective communication skills Team Building Excercise
Greater awareness of self and others
Understanding the strengths of the team
Conflict resolution


KS2 Primary Age Pupils - We can offer Team Building and Problem Solving workshops for pupils either as part of a celebration event or post-SATS. Key outcomes include:

Improving confidence and building trust  
Raising academic and social aspirations
Providing a range of new experiences
Encouraging pupils to adapt to new situations
and rise to new challenges
Having FUN

The move to secondary school can be a daunting time; a Team Building event held during Transition week can help pupils to settle in to their new environment and interact with their new peers. Events can be designed to ensure:

Confidence and trust mixing with peers and adults is improved
Academic and social aspirations are raised
Pupils adapt to new situations and rise to new challenges
Team working skills are developed, reflected in collaborative working in lessons
Everyone has FUN

Secondary / Sixth Form

Personal & Social Health Education provides the opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and Dennis Associates is able to provide a variety of experiences for pupils. A few examples are listed below:

Team Building Excercise

Business simulation games
Team building events
Collaboration & problem solving activities
Business lectures

Visit our Case Studies to review how our programmes have helped the Education sector.

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